Samstag, 3. November 2007


Hope u like it....;-)

Freitag, 2. November 2007

What I actually posted...

Well in the end it came out like this..... there is little background because ones eye should focus on the character and not the BG......

Squirrel Mage #4

Hey its been awhile, ive been doing a lot....hope u like it....but its still in progress :-)

Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2007



I was practising a bit....

Please share your precious thoughts with me.....

First sketch was badly scanned in...sorry..
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Squirrel Mage #2

Next WIP (Work in progress )

Squirrel Mage

Hello again

There are some people in this grand world, that surely know "".

If you are someone who doesnt know this site...... get to know it!!!

Community and art is great great great!!!

Im trying to partake in the weekly CHOW (Character of the Week ) event.

Subject is:

"Cedartuft is the female lead in sword and sorcery Middle Grade Reader (ages 8-12) story of high adventure.

Cedarturft also happens to be a squirrel, a mage, and on a quest to save squirrel kind in her world.

She carries a small cedar staff (a stick to us), a gray green cloak, and has various pouches, satchels and tidbits associated with her craft.

Think of this as if it were for a book cover; so leave extra room at the top for a title, and show some action!"

Here is my first sketch....

Montag, 29. Oktober 2007

Next one.... :-)))

This is my promised redoing of the background....
I think this is much better than the first!
I would be glad if, anyone would say what he things about it...

BTW its a "Stone Elemental"

Ive done it for practise.

First Pic @ Blogspot

The background in the first picture has to be fixed!!! Its too confusing...ill get it done sometime...