Samstag, 6. März 2010


OMG the guy is hell anyway, his shoes are so crappy... but well I did it from imagination.... good exercise.... and now back to studies...

Donnerstag, 4. März 2010

Theme: Under the bed

As some of you know I often partake in so called: Speed of the weeks, these are competitive drawing jams which are done to get better and having fun.... oh and one is not allowed to paint more than 4 hours.... I had 3,5 hours for this....

This weeks theme was "Under the bed"

Heres the text to the picture....

"Now was the time, he knew that this was his last chance...

He had to get to the knive under the bed!!! He knew he wouldnt make it

anyway, but this creep had to get stopped!"

Dienstag, 2. März 2010


Working as a horse!

The twister pic is a speedie inspired by a great book called Digital painting techniques vol. 1

Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

WIP Still -life

Heres the next Still-life... Ill be working on ot probably on tuesday....

Tomorrow probably a portrait.... yay!!!!

I did this some time ago ... but left the project as it was... never showed it...
Thx alot u are so cool!!!

Rss Feed Test

In half am hour should this post be posted on twitter and facebook, if this happens I shall be officially the new Cyber-Nostradamus

Now Blog Page

Hello all the world!

My new blog page goes as follows:

I thought, that it would be simpler and better if I need my name for it, instead of a cool, awesome, unbelivable, unforgettable nickname... for it... ;-))


PS: I am connecting all over the internet.... gosh, this is so complicated....