Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

2 day of the CA workshop

..woke up.. had some continental breakfast. Unfortunately it seems that its always the same they serve...
British Tate mueseum is bonkers! Turner, Sargent you name it, really great stuff there.
THere was one artis though I didnt know..:

John Martin
I was very impresses by his work!I need a print of one of his big pieces!

@ the workshop

There was a presantation about mobilephone games and how the industry has changed in the last years... unfortuntely I cant credit the speaker, since I came too late. Feel free to write it in the comments.
Then there came some models, and we could draw them from life... Mark taro Holmes himself was ther to istruct us...AMAZING! And it was real fun...I love to draw the human figure!

After a break Phill Holland had a talk about "fundamentals in art". I must say that this really paid off. I was focusing on his words and wrote notices...fortunately...

Thank you Phill!

Ill post some more after the third day...

See you there!

Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

@ the Conceptart Workshop in London is great here. I arrived last night at two o clock in the morning at the safestay hostel. The traffic system in London is a bit weird, but I still got there... Today the workshop has begun, and its just WOW! I already met o many people... is great and I know what I have to work on.... the next few day will be so great!

WHat do I have to work on?

-Value rhytms
-Big shapes, medium and small ones.
-Portfolio conception.

I quote Björn Hurri from Opus Art studios:

"If you work very hard in the next two years, youll get jobs."

This really means a lot to me... thank you!

Montag, 27. Mai 2013

In three days Ill be flying to London, to the workshop! This will be one of the biggest things-------wheeeeeeeeewww!!!!!