Freitag, 15. Januar 2010

Tribute to Sylverbox!

Maku's Journey

The dancing flame in the hooty sphere hissed, as a gust of wind swept over the grassy hill. It was not just any hooty sphere though, this was Tuwata's sphere and it was special. "Ahhh..." the tall Puck said, gazing up into the starry night sky. "Look at the sky, Makuti, it's beautiful tonight". The younger Puck blinked. "But there are no stars tonight?" he asked. "No", the elder one agreed. He fell silent at that and some time passed before Makuti had the courage to interrupt the silence again. "Is it a very far journey to where we have to go?" 

Tuwata did not answer him straight away. He was humming now, a tune that Makuti had heard when he was a little Puck, sitting around the cosy fire in the seer's den. "Who can say how long a journey takes? No journey is ever short." Makuti let out an inaudible sigh and stared into the hooty flame. He was used to Tuwata's enygmatic speeches. He also knew that when the old one was in this drowsy state, there was no use in asking further questions as further questions would only lead to more riddles to which there would never be a straight answer. Then, he was only a small Puck after all and in his mind he could not imagine any journey that wasn't a long one. So maybe Tuwata was right. Puck were a small folk destined for small things.
Maku sighed again, this time so his friend could hear him. "But then, why do we have to go?" Tuwata inclined his head slightly to the right, his eyes ever-fixed on the starless sky above. He smiled, "Because we're meant to. Don't worry so much Makee. Go to bed now." At this Maku gave in, too frustrated to continue. He grabbed his bedroll, soon sinking into the deep and dreamless slumber of the Puck.


I got inpired by this wonderfull text... did this "speedpaint" in about 2-3 hours...


sylverbox hat gesagt…

This is awesome! I feel honored you picked up a post of mine and made it into one of your pics.
also funny to see how other people imagine your characters, thats the beauty of fantasy that every person forges his own world and creatures in his mind. :D

i very much intend to continue the fantasy/fairytale story, i always wanted to write one.
and maybe we will have more coops in the future, who knows :)

cheers, Syl

Jan Degler hat gesagt…

Hihi... maybe... hopefully so....