Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

Riders of the apocalypse

Hey guys, I am really inspired by all the work from you guys, it really keeps pushing me into new levels!

Right now I am trying a new approach to my "image creation process".
I didnt like the idea that I started digitally and finished it up digitally... means all is done in the computer. I love the smell, feel of real pencils colors aso.... so I tried to blend the medias....

This is still a WIP, I havent done anything in PS yet, this is all watercolors except the BG.... Conquest/Pestilence is still missing.... I am working on it..

C&C are very welcome!



Sjan Weijers hat gesagt…

looks cool! nice bright colors :)

Jan Degler hat gesagt…

Thx mate, Ill be posting some progress when I am ready.